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Shoring Secant & Contiguous Pile Work

Shoring, secant pile, and contiguous pile work are construction techniques used to create structural support systems for various types of excavation projects. Rana Pratap Construction is not a widely recognized company in the construction industry as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, but I can provide a general explanation of these construction methods.

  1. Shoring: Shoring is a temporary support system used to prevent the collapse of soil, rock, or adjacent structures during excavation. It involves installing a system of vertical supports, often in the form of steel or timber beams, into the ground. Shoring systems help to maintain the stability of the excavation site and ensure the safety of workers and nearby structures during construction. Once the construction project is complete, shoring materials are removed.

  2. Secant Pile Wall: A secant pile wall is a type of retaining wall constructed by drilling overlapping vertical piles into the ground. These piles are typically reinforced with steel and may be filled with concrete. The key feature of a secant pile wall is that the adjacent piles are constructed to overlap, creating a continuous barrier. The overlapping piles create a watertight or cutoff wall, making secant pile walls suitable for applications like excavation in waterlogged or potentially unstable soil conditions.

  3. Contiguous Pile Wall: A contiguous pile wall is another type of retaining wall used in excavation projects. It is similar to a secant pile wall, but the piles are constructed closer together, leaving small gaps or intervals between them. These gaps allow for the extraction of soil and water from the excavation site while still providing structural support and stability. Contiguous pile walls are commonly used in urban construction projects with limited space for excavation.


Both secant pile walls and contiguous pile walls are valuable techniques in situations where water infiltration and ground stability are concerns during excavation. These methods are used in various civil engineering and construction projects to create retaining walls, basements, and other underground structures.

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