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Micro Pile Foundation Work

Micro piling work involves the installation of small-diameter piles or columns in the ground to provide structural support or improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil. These small-diameter piles, often referred to as micro piles or mini piles, are typically used in situations where traditional, larger-diameter piles are not feasible due to space constraints, access limitations, or other factors.

Rana Pratap Construction, is a construction company specializing in foundation and geotechnical work, may offer micro piling services as part of its construction and foundation services. Micro piling involves drilling small-diameter holes into the ground and then filling them with high-strength materials like concrete or grout to create piles that can bear loads and stabilize structures.

Micro piling is commonly used in various construction applications, including underpinning existing structures, supporting foundations for new buildings, and stabilizing slopes and embankments. The choice of micro piling can depend on site-specific conditions and engineering requirements, and it is often used in conjunction with other foundation and ground improvement techniques.

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